Get In Ground Pool Features with our Walk In Stair Option

Get real in ground pool features with our exclusive walk in stair option. They can be added to all of our round and oval pools. Our stair system provides safe, easy access to the pool. Ideal for all ages, the stairs double as a bench for relaxing and are ideal for teaching youngsters to swim. They are engineered from galvanized steel ensuring quality and lasting durability. The stairs are installed under the custom fit liner ensuring they are secure for a look and feel second to none. There are many options for stair systems in the pool industry, but there is NOTHING like the Crestwood stair system. Normally available only for in ground pools, it is another unique Crestwood design that adds convenience and value. These stairs are manufactured to our strict quality control standards to last for MANY years. They are a perfect compliment to your new Crestwood pool.

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Additional Features

Choose Your Liner

Crestwood’s attractive tile border and full print beaded liners are true 20 mil virgin vinyl. Both floor and wall are the same 20 mil material (unlike others who may use a lighter guage for the floor ). The Savannah Tile Sandstone Print is standard and all other patterns below are available as options at an upcharge. Colors can not be reproduced exactly from the original vinyl for presentation on the screen.
Why we use only non-embossed VIRGIN 20 mil vinyl.
Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. The illustration below shows how embossed vinyl measures the thickness of the material at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley which is the true thickness of the material. That is not an option for Crestwood liners.  
All of our  liner material is non-embossed which represents the true thickness.

BOWSWIM Resistance Trainer

 Crestwood Pools offers more than just a leisurely swim after a long day at work. Swimming is one of the most complete types of exercises you can do. There are MANY choices when looking into a swimming setup for exercise. Swim spas it seems are all the rage. While they certainly do provide a good workout, they also cost ENORMOUS amounts of money. Our thinking is simple: Why spend $15,000 plus the cost of electricity to run it, for a setup that you have to stop exercising to adjust when you want to slow down or speed up when you can spend a FRACTION of that cost on a Crestwood with a Bowswim™. The beauty of the Bowswim is when you want to speed up, you swim faster. When you want to slow down, you swim slower. It requires NOTHING more than set up for use. No moving parts to break, no electricity to add costs.
Having to replace expensive pumps are another drawback of a swim spa. If the pump breaks down, you can bet on spending HUGE amounts of money to replace it. A Crestwood Pool equipped with a Bowswim™ is that you can exercise AND cool off in your pool. It’s literally the best of both worlds! Another benefit Crestwood has over swim spas is it is not limited to installation where a large entry is needed. Swim spas are large, and can prove to be a challenge to install. In some cases a crane is actually required for installation. With the Crestwood, anywhere you can carry the components through, they can be installed with relative ease.