Maintaining Your Crestwood

Maintaining Your Crestwood Pool

Proper maintenance is critical to how long your pool will last. Here are some guidelines that will help ensure the longest life possible for your investment.

1. Make sure you keep your chemicals in the optimal range for each one. To learn more, visit our Chemical Balance page.

2. Keep filters clean and running correctly. Visit our Cartridge Filter or Sand Filter Maintenance pages, depending on your type of filter for info on how to keep these systems running smoothly.

3. Keep leaves, dirt, grass and weeds from coming into contact with the walls of your pool.

4. Ensure there is proper drainage around the perimeter of the pool. Even though your Crestwood boards are treated, constant water contact over time will cause rot.

5. Be sure to use a water repellent stain on the exterior walls to ensure the boards do not “wick up” moisture. Painting, if desired, will also achieve this effect.

6. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives (ie scotchbrite pads) to clean the liner. Only use chemicals approved for cleaning vinyl pool liners.

7. When storing your Crestwood winter cover for summer, it is best to clean off debris while cover is still installed on pool. After cleaning, un-install cover and store in a large container, such as a large trash can, filled with water and algaecide. This will keep the cover safe from drying out, as well as from insects that may eat the cover material.