5 Above Ground Pool Myths You Should Ignore (They’ll Cost You)

When you think of above ground pools, you usually think about a blue plastic or metal monstrosity that’s a bit of an eyesore for your back yard right?

That’s understandable. The good news is that not all above ground pools are created the same. For example, here at Crestwood Pools, our above ground pools are known for:

  • being made of high quality wood
  • increasing some customers’ property value
  • lasting over 25 years

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about us yet. Today, we’re going to share the five most common myths about above ground pools, and we’re gonna bust each one! Let’s begin:

Myth #1: They're too expensive

Pools can be an expensive investment, which means you want to have the very best when it comes to purchasing one. Just because above ground pools are more affordable and are a lower cost option to an in-ground pool in comparison, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice when it comes to the quality, features and appearance.

Regardless of your budget, we work to suit your needs, with exceptional quality and innovation which provide the best long term value for your hard earned dollars. So whether you need an oval shape, round or something more unique, we provide solutions that meet your goals and financial needs.

For even more savings, we offer DIY kits that are easily assembled and allow you to use the normal installation costs to purchase some of our unique options like Walk-In Stairs and Winter Cover System.

There is also financing available if that option is advantageous.

Myth #2: They always look ugly

That blue, plastic appearance of typical above ground pools is usually the biggest of stigmas.

However, a lot has changed in terms of design and creativity so there’s no longer the need for a lack of beauty when it comes to installing pools in the garden space. Crestwood Pools are made out of beautiful wood, which provide for a much better view when you’re in your backyard or looking out to it. Our real wood construction is something that we pride ourselves on when it comes to creating beautiful pools, and it’s one of the biggest selling points when it comes to our customers. Being made from 1-1/2” solid wood, it not only looks great, but has unsurpassed durability and longevity that lasts for decades not years.

Our proven design stems from Farm Silos or Water Towers dating back 100’s of years, many still standing. This unique design Does Not rely on the water for its structural integrity like all other AG pools, and will not collapse or blow away even if a leak were to occur and drain the pool. Unfortunately, the typical materials that other above ground pools are made of can get damaged fairly easy (i.e., a stone from a lawn mower, storms, etc.) and don’t tend to age well either.

The wood used to produce Crestwood Pools, is hand selected, Pressure Treated and then Kiln Dried, This drying process is the same process used for all indoor furniture, which minimizes defects that can occur when normal “wet” treated wood is installed outdoors. Because the wood is dry, you can apply the protectant of your choice without waiting for the wood to dry out like normal Pressure Treated wood. In order to keep our wooden pools looking like new for decades, we recommend oil based Clear, Semi-Transparent or Solid Color stains be applied immediately upon installation and then every 2-3 years as needed.

Myth #3: They don't look good in a backyard

The problem with traditional above ground pools is that they tend to stick out because they are so different in color and appearance compared to the rest of the garden area.

That’s why many people will opt for building it into the ground, rather than realizing the benefits that come with having it above ground. See our Blog Post “Why to avoid a partial in-ground pool”. With a Crestwood Pool you have unlimited options of decking to the pool which create a more classic appearance that allows the pool to blend in, rather than to stick out unattractively. Because of Crestwood’s natural aesthetics, one does not need to spend extra money hiding the “ugly pool” with complete deck surrounds & landscaping. Only small access decks or entries are needed to provide safe & comfortable access to the pool, saving money and maintenance.

If the pools are left “Above Ground” as designed, they are safer for detouring small children and animals because they’re positioned higher up, and the decking can provide you with a lockable entrance and exit if needed.

Myth #4: They're costly and time-consuming to maintain

When it comes to above ground pools, a lot of people who have yet to purchase one have been put off because of stories & concerns about maintenance and problems of keeping the water clear. It’s often perceived that pools are pricey and time-consuming to maintain. This is true in many instances due to the fact that low cost pools typically do not have proper filtration equipment capable of keeping the water clean.

However, with Crestwood Pools, that’s not the case. We provide only name brand, properly sized systems needed to keep your pool looking crystal clear, rather than cloudy or the “Dreaded Green”.

Keeping your filter clean will allow them to keep the pool water clean & clear, so be sure to check out our “Pool Water” tab on our website for information on how to properly clean yours, and learn about proper water balance , Making sure there’s proper drainage around the pool will keep your investment “High & Dry” which is not possible when pools are partially buried. All of this translates into very minimal work, so having a Crestwood Pool is just like anything else within your home that needs a little maintenance every now and then.

Myth #5: They're a waste of money

As some above ground pools can deteriorate fairly quickly and therefore be a bad investment, that’s not the case when it comes to Crestwood Pools. One thing that you can spot instantly with our pools is that they’re made out of quality materials.

From the Wooden Exterior, the Walk-In Stairs, the Virgin Vinyl Liner, the LED Lights that illuminate the pool at night, and any other option we offer, they’re all made from the best materials and state of the art manufacturing technology that is available today. Crestwood Pools have a 5 Year 100% Guarantee with an additional 25 Year Warranty, the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

We know the Quality & Materials used to create our pools have stood the test of time and our Guarantee / Warranty proves that which is why we put it in writing. You can find comfort knowing you’re going to have something that is a worthy investment for your family. And when it comes to selling your home, having such a beautiful pool within your backyard, could end up making you a bit of extra money or you can take your investment with you, repurpose it to a family member, or sell it With Crestwood pools, you’re getting an investment that can outlast your lifetime. It’s not something that’s going to be great for a few years and then become an eyesore and be ready for the trash. It’ll provide endless hours and years of fun and enjoyment for your family & friends.

Final thoughts on the stigma of above ground pools

Hopefully, we’ve helped remove some of the stigma’s that surround typical above ground pools and how the appearance, quality and technology of a Crestwood Pool will not leave you disappointe

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