Why Non-Embossed Virgin Vinyl Pool Liners are Your Best Choice

Choosing the best pool liner can be a difficult task. Many people won’t have had to make a choice like this before, and you’ll be well aware that this will shape the future of your pool. Here at Crestwood Pools, we only use 20mil non-embossed virgin vinyl for our pool liners.

This provides a long-lasting liner that will be easy to clean and safe for your family, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the liners we offer, giving you the chance to see their superiority for yourself.

The Benefits Of Non-Embossed Virgin Vinyl Pool Liners

Non-embossed virgin vinyl pool liners come with a host of different benefits when compared to their embossed counterparts. It’s always worth exploring this side of a product before you buy it, ensuring that you’re choosing the option that provides the best value for money.

1. Value for Money

Embossed vinyl pool liners tend to have their thickness measured from the very highest points in the material. This gives a false impression of their true thickness, with the lowest points providing a much more accurate measure. Non-embossed virgin vinyl pool liners don’t suffer from this problem, though, giving you a much better idea of how much you’re buying.

2. Long Lasting & Hardy

Virgin vinyl is an incredibly long-lasting material that can stand up to all sorts of punishment. Both pressure and cutting forces will do little to vinyl, and it’s usually only possible to damage the stuff when you’re actively trying to. Embossed vinyl is much thinner than non-embossed options, making it far more likely to tear or split.

3. Safe for Families

Keeping your family’s pool time safe is crucial. Virgin vinyl can’t develop sharp edges or chips, making it nice and safe for use in your pool. Alongside this, the uniform thickness of non-embossed vinyl makes it much harder to tear than the embossed options you’ll find on the market, ensuring that your family is protected from the surface beneath your liner.

4. Waterproof & UV Resistant

While many materials can survive underwater for a long time, few will be able to last as long as vinyl. Coming waterproof and well-sealed, your virgin vinyl pool liner will ensure a barrier between the water and the ground beneath your pool. Alongside this, vinyl is also UV-resistant, making it last much longer than other materials under the heat of the sun.

5. Patterns & Designs

Crestwood Pools offer attractive tile print borders and full print beaded liners to give your pool some extra wow factor. This can add a touch of class to your pool without forcing you to shell out on alternatives that will look the same, while also offering an option that will be easy to maintain going into the future.

6. Cleaning & Maintenance

Non-embossed virgin vinyl pool liners come with a smooth surface that makes it hard for dirt and plant life to take hold, making it a breeze to keep your pool in good condition for years to come. If your vinyl liner ever gets damaged, you can easily have it replaced without being stuck without your pool for months on end.

When to Use Non-Embossed Virgin Vinyl Pool Liners

Renovating your garden, installing a new pool, or simply performing maintenance on your existing pool can all be very good reasons to go for this sort of product. It will usually be cheaper than the traditional options you find in pools, making it well worth exploring your choices when you’re considering the best way to improve your pool. It’s usually best to get a job like this done in Spring or Summer, as rain, snow, and ice will make it very difficult for the vinyl to be installed.

Using Crestwood Pools for Your Vinyl Pool Liners

Here at Crestwood Pools, we’ve been working with on-ground pools for more than 6 decades. We only use high-quality true 20 mil virgin vinyl for our pool liners, ensuring that our customers get the best possible results from them. Alongside our vinyl pool liners, we can also provide you with pool installation, maintenance, and the information you need to handle the water going into your pool.

If you’re interested in getting a new pool liner, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly team. You can give us a call at (607)786-0010 or use the convenient contact forms on our website to send an email. We look forward to getting your call.

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