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What's Included in an EZ-DO POOL?

Instruction Manuel (Printed & Downloadable)

Pool Installation Kit

(1) Pool Skimmer & Return Fitting

Vac System

(1) Virgin Vinyl Beaded Pool Liner

(1) Pool Filtration System

Printed Warranty & Registration

Wall Foam

Test Kit

ez-do Pools

tips & benefits

Level ground before install

Before installation, you need to level the ground and pre-build a concrete pad where the pool will rest. We suggest hiring a dependable landscaper, construction team to do this for you. We also have helpful instructions for the do it yourself leveling. Call us for questions.

Tax Incentives

Decrease in taxes for above ground pools. Average savings of approximately $400. 

Uninstallation for moving pool

Move your pool with you. Tips for packaging, take down, and transportation. Take the value & fun of a EZ-Do to your new home.

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Do-It-Yourself: Just what every DIY is looking for, a beautiful wood pool to accent your landscape and deck that you can set up and install yourself!

wooden round above ground swimming pool with deck

Real Wood Construction

Derived from America’s largest renewable resource, EZ-Do Pools use only the finest #1 grade, 1 1/2″ thick, pressure treated, kiln dried southern yellow pine. All wood components are pre-machined and require no cutting or drilling during assembly. The unique interlocking pattern gives the EZ-Do Pools a superior exterior finish and unparalleled strength. There are no flimsy metal walls to corrode or collapse.

above ground pool virgin vinyl liners

Heavy duty liner

Warranted for 15 years, this extra heavy, full 20 mil. virgin vinyl pool liner is guaranteed to take on any family. EZ-Do Pools has a variety of attractive full-print liners to choose from. Some pool liner patterns may require an additional charge. Please call for complete price-list.

pool water filter system

Pumps and Filters

We have all the pumps, filters and equipment needed to compliment your new EZ-Do Pool. Be sure to check out our solar pumps and filters, as well.

beaded winter cover for a wooden round above ground pool

Custom Winter Covers

Ask about our custom winter covers to keep your pool safe from the elements and ready for you to easily prep and begin using when the warm weather returns. Pool covers are made with the best material and specially designed for your pool. Crestwood and EZ-Do pools are created similarly.

wooden round swimming pool with ladder and deck


The extruded PVC Coping is non-corrosive and treated with special UV protection. This exclusive coping makes installation and removal of the winter cover an easy task. No disassembly of the pool is required should the vinyl liner ever need to be replaced. The coping also has a built in receiver for perimeter fiber optic accent lighting.

eco-friendly solar panels for powering above ground pool equipment

Green Features

Check out our solar pumps and earth friendly water treatments. Call today to learn more about our green technology!

LED lights for above ground swimming pools

LED Lighting

Give your pool the special effects that light it up in an inviting way.

foam for above ground swimming pools

Foam Insultation

Enjoy the benefits of our foam protector/insulator. Your swimming season is now extended with the added insulating characteristics of the EZ-Do Pool.

Questions & Answers on Above Ground Pool DIY Kits

There seems to be a lot of confusion today around what it means to “build your own swimming pool”.  To many other pool companies, building your own pool means that you purchase all of the necessary supplies and then you or your pool retailer subcontracts out the work.  We don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy the average “Do-it-yourselfer”.  At Crestwood Pools, we offer everything the Do-it-yourselfer needs to build their own high-quality swimming pool from the comfort of their own yard. Below is a photo of what you receive, and you’ll receive printed and visual instructions on installing your swimming pool.

Have a Question about Do it Yourself Pools?  Call Crestwood at 607-786-0010

First, for the most accurate estimate, please give us a call or fill out a pool quote form. Second, the cost of your do-it-yourself pool depends on a variety of factors including your location (including local regulations, permits and required contracting), whether or not your yard is flat or not, whether or not your soil includes rock or other challenging elements, the size of the pool, and how you’re going to maintain the quality of your pool’s water. Also, you’ll want to consider the pool’s longevity (your return on investment) and complexity of installation.  While Crestwood’s DIY Pools are a tad higher than the average DIY Pool cost of $2,500 – $3,500, Crestwood DIY Pools come with two remarkable warrantees, as well as an average life span of 35 years! Most common DIY above ground pools are made of cheaper materials like steel or aluminum, and Crestwood DIY Pools tend to be installed in only one day.

While the average Above Ground Pool will last anywhere from 5 – 15 years, Crestwood Pool’s high-quality wooden structure and materials have been found to last upwards of 35+ years!  You can read some of our reviews on our home page and Facebook page.  If you want further peace-of-mind behind our pools’ longevity and return on investment, please visit our Warranty page to learn more or give us a call.

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