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Clear Blue ionizers for pool care

Here at Crestwood Pools we advocate health and safety not only for our environment, but for our bodies as well. There has been a growing popularity in our industry for the implementation of salt-chlorine generators. These systems are marketed by some manufacturers as an “alternative” to chlorine by way of the description “salt generator” to make consumers believe they are swimming in water that is equivalent to swimming in the ocean. NOTHING could be further from the truth. In reality, these systems do, in fact, generate CHLORINE. We promote a product called the ClearBlue™Ionizer system. It keeps your pool clean NATURALLY with the use of copper and silver. Used in conjunction with a non-chlorine oxidizer, a chlorine-free swimming experience is easily attained. For more info, read below…

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Crestwood Pools are absolutely committed to bringing you an excellent product at an excellent price, we’ve gone one step further. Now you can keep on saving with our Crestwood Pools Green Technologies. These select components were designed for maximum compatibility with your new pool and, of course to add maximum value.

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It pays to change to ionization. The paybacks are real in money, time savings, better health and the pleasure of clean, pure water.

Swim In Pure Mineral Water

Eliminate Daily Dosing and Handling of Chemicals

Save Thousands in Future Chemical Costs

5 Year Warranty

ClearBlue Ionizer is a manufacturer of electronic water purification systems that automatically purify, sanitize and eliminate algae in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, cooling towers, HVAC systems and other industrial water treatment. The environmentally safe process is an economical chemical alternative, using sanitation technology for solving common water treatment problems.

Check out www.clearblueionizer.com for more details.

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Questions & Answers on Clear Blue Water Ionizers

ClearBlue is a disinfectant system which uses silver to kill bacteria and virus, and copper to kill algae. Zinc is used to prevent staining on the pool liner, and is beneficial to the skin. Organic material such as insects, leaves, body oils, suntan lotion, shampoo, deodorant, hair gel, make-up etc. need to be removed through oxidation. An oxidizer such as chlorine, bromine or a non-chlorine oxidizer is useful to “burn out‟ organic material which is then removed by the filter.


Salt based electrodes break down the added salt, which is sodium chloride, into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine then oxidizes any organic matter (yes, even the bathers) and quickly recombines with the sodium. The salt system is a chlorine based sanitizer even though you don’t have the hassle of adding chlorine, you just add salt instead. Some people like the feel of the salt water and others don’t like the salt residue left on your body and hair, and you may need a shower after swimming in the pool. ClearBlue uses pure minerals as anti-microbial and disinfectant and is not chlorine (chemical) based.

ClearBlue (Ions) will work effectively in salt pools. The salt (chlorine) generator can be turned down to the lowest setting for production of chlorine (oxidizer). When the salt generator membrane needs replacing, they system can be permanently removed and ½ chlorine puck can be added once a week instead. Pool owners may consider the automatic chlorine generation a benefit to keeping the salt water system.

No. ClearBlue is not a filter. You must still use your regular filter and backwash regularly.
How long does it take to get the ion level up?
It usually takes 7-14 days in a pool; one day in a spa. During this time, do not stop using your current sanitizer (chlorine) or algaecide until the ion level has reached the minimum of 0.2ppm Cu. Afterwards, you can reduce the oxidizer level to approx ½ chlorine puck once a week or equivalent oxidizer alternative. If you cannot get the ion level up in this time frame, read the troubleshooting guide.

We recommend ClearBlue be placed on a separate circuit which is not on the timer; ClearBlue can run full time (24/7) even if the pump is off and the water is not circulating. The microscopic ions will concentrate in the pipe and it will be dispersed in the pool or spa when the pump starts again. If the water drains from the electrodes when the pump is off, then no ionization can take place while the pump is not on. The ionizer is low-voltage (12v) and therefore costs pennies a day to run.
How often do I need to oxidize the pool?
Generally once a week is sufficient, maybe less if the pool is not used much. Pools can turn green overnight after a large rainstorm, so that is a good time to oxidize it.

If the ion level is between 0.2 – 0.4ppm as recommended, an algaecide is optional. It is always a safety precaution which helps avoid the surprise algae attack. An algaecide is usually a copper based solution which is not harmful and poses no danger to the swimmers. The regular strength algaecide is cheaper than the super kill variety, and is quite effective in keeping the ion level “topped up”.

Questions & Answers on Pool Ionizers

Yes, if they’re used with the proper solutions. Numerous people who choose a mineral pool swimming experience do so to greatly reduce or eliminate their household’s chemical footprint. Fact number one is that ionizers do not oxidize all organic matter.  Copper and silver-copper ionizers are great at fighting bacteria and algae, but mineral pools require a residual oxidizer to bread down sweat, lotions, urine and yes, 💩. Fact number two is you drink chlorine almost every day via tap water.  Again, your chlorine footprint in a mineral pool is going to be significantly lower than that of a chlorinated or salt water pool, but it resides closer to that of your local tap water, so you won’t even notice it while swimming.

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Swimming pool owners who want the healthiest swimming experience for their family and friends generally choose to maintain mineral or ionized pool water. Pool Ionizers release microscopic mineral ions into the water that control bacteria and algae. This allows you to lower the chlorine concentration to 0.6ppm. According to the EPA and Health Canada, ionized pools or ‘mineral pools’ are the only types of pool where you can safely reduce the chlorine concentration.

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