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Crestwood Pool Kit


Liner Styles

Crestwood’s attractive tile border and full print beaded liners are true 20 mil virgin vinyl. Both floor and wall are the same 20 mil material (unlike others who may use a lighter gauge for the floor). The Catalina Tile / Vermilion Print is standard and all other patterns below are available as options at an upcharge. Colors can not be reproduced exactly from the original vinyl for presentation on the screen.


Walk-In Stairs

Get a real inground pool feature with our exclusive Walk-In Stair option. We install (4) steps with our custom design. These stairs are manufactured to our strict quality control standards to last for many years. They can be added to all of our round and oval pools. Our stair system provides safe, easy access to the pool. Ideal for all ages, the stairs double as bench-seating for relaxing and are ideal for teaching youngsters to swim. They are engineered from galvanized steel ensuring quality and lasting durability. The stairs are installed under the custom fit liner ensuring they are secure for a look and feel second to none. There are many options for stair systems in the pool industry, but there is NOTHING like the Crestwood stair system. Normally available only for inground pools, it is another unique Crestwood design that adds convenience and value. They are a perfect compliment to your new Crestwood pool.


Green Technology

Alternative Water Treatment - Electronic Water Purification

Crestwood Pools are absolutely committed to bringing you an excellent product at an excellent price, we’ve gone one step further. Now you can keep on saving with our Crestwood Pools Green Technologies. These select components were designed for maximum compatibility with your new pool and, of course to add maximum value. So while others worry about the energy crisis, you can proudly spend your extra hard earned money on all the barbeques your family and friends are sure to enjoy.
ClearBlue logo
ClearBlue Water Ionizer Controls


Covers, Lights and Trainers

winter cover drain

Beaded Winter Cover

Crestwood’s custom-fitted winter covers have proven durability. Each cover installs easily and completely seals out winter dirt and debris. Your pool will remain attractive throughout the year with minimal maintenance. Our EXCLUSIVE drain option eliminates the need for siphoning or pumping water/snow accumulation from the cover. This feature allows you peace of mind to “Close It and Forget It” until spring!!
pool LED light colors

Led Pool Lights

LED Bulbs and Fixtures – we offer LED light fixtures for most of the standard pool light niches. These use 85% less electricity and the bulbs last a lot longer. We also offer LED light bulbs that can be used in standard light fixtures.

Bowswim Resistance Trainer

Crestwood Pools offers more than just a leisurely swim after a long day at work. Swimming is one of the most complete types of exercises you can do. There are MANY choices when looking into a swimming setup for exercise. Swim spas it seems are all the rage. While they certainly do provide a good workout, they also cost ENORMOUS amounts of money. Our thinking is simple: Why spend $15,000 to $50,000 (plus the cost of electricity) on a Lap Pool when you can spend a FRACTION of that cost on a Crestwood with a Bowswim™? The beauty of the Bowswim is when you want to speed up, you swim faster. When you want to slow down, you swim slower. It requires NOTHING more than set up for use. No moving parts to break, no electricity to add costs.

Having to replace expensive pumps are another drawback of a swim spa. If the pump breaks down, you can bet on spending HUGE amounts of money to replace it. A Crestwood Pool equipped with a Bowswim™ is that you can exercise AND cool off in your pool. It’s literally the best of both worlds! Another benefit Crestwood has over swim spas is it is not limited to installation where a large entry is needed. Swim spas are large, and can prove to be a challenge to install. In some cases a crane is actually required for installation. With the Crestwood, anywhere you can carry the components through, they can be installed with relative ease.

Questions & Answers on Round Above
Ground Swimming Pools

There are two main types of swimming pools—Inground and Above Ground. The initial difference is how the pool is installed. Inground pools are built into the ground. Above Ground pools are built on top of the ground. Some of the biggest deciding factors have to do with cost, maintenance, features, aesthetics and water temperature.  If you have a large/unlimited budget and you want a feature-rich pool, you may prefer an Inground pool.  If you want a feature-rich pool that costs less, requires less maintenance, and has a more natural look than an Inground pool, and it stays warm year round, you would prefer a wooden Above Ground pool.

Have a Question about Swimming Pools?  Call Crestwood at 607-786-0010

Above Ground pools are built on top of the ground. The benefits of an above ground pool include affordability, quick installation and the ability to add or integrate with a deck. However, there are drawbacks when you go with an aluminum or steel above ground pool. These drawbacks include aesthetics that do not complement your yard, average durability, and difficulty when selling your house and/or moving the above ground pool to a new residence. If you choose to go with a wooden above ground pool, you’ll achieve a more natural setting in your backyard, enhancing your resale value and simplifying the ability to transport the pool to a new residence.

Inground pools are built into the ground.  The benefits of an inground pool include features, customization, aesthetics and home resale value.  However,  there are drawbacks when you go with an inground pool. These drawbacks include the high costs to install, the costs to remove an inground pool if necessary, more potential local regulations and taxes, more time to clean the pool, and a higher electricity bill for heating the pool. If you want inground pool features (like walk-in stairs or LED lights), customization, aesthetics and resale value at a fraction of the cost, you may want to consider a wooden above ground.

Have a Question about Swimming Pools?  Call Crestwood at 607-786-0010

Depending on the type of swimming pool—inground or above ground—swimming pools can range anywhere from $20,000 to well over $100,000. This is not taking into consideration the labor and installation, potential local property taxes, improvements to the surrounding area required by local regulations, repairs, and increased utilities like electrical. View our Pool Cost by State Chart. When comparing pool types, above ground pools are the most affordable because of the speed of installation and minimal labor requirements.  To further drive cost-savings, some pool owners choose a Do-it-Yourself above ground swimming pool kit.

When it comes to inground swimming pools, it is difficult to measure based on their curved ‘kidney-shaped’ design, but we have seen quite a few 16′ x 32′ rectangular shaped inground pools.  Inground swimming pool depths vary widely and is one of the most customized areas because of their popularity with divers.  Above ground pools typically range in depth from four to five feet, whereas their dimensions vary based on whether you choose a rectangular, circular or oval shaped pool.  We sell round pools as wide as 27 feet, and oval pools 33 feet in length.  Most if not all above ground pools do not permit diving and jumping based on their shallower depths, which is why they are more popular with families who practice pool safety.

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