Pool Financing

Swimming Pool Financing

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If our amazing warrantee and guarantee, and our super long-lasting and naturally beautiful swimming pools weren’t enough to convince you that we’re 100% customer-focused, then our partnership with HFS Financing just may be the icing on the cake.

Because our above ground swimming pools can last 30+ years, it was understandable to our 1,000+ customers that our swimming pools are a little more expensive than your traditional above ground pools (because we deliver the bigger return on investment).

Our customers have enjoyed their experience with HFS because they work with lenders in all 50 states to meet your unique, personal needs, and to get you the best rates imaginable.

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With Hfs Financial...it's Easy To Get A Pool Loan

I’m sure you’d agree that a swimming pool loan shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. Like Crestwood Pools, HFS has over 55 years of experience, therefore they’ve worked out all the possible kinks that could make your pool loan experience a hassle.

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If you’d like to talk with us before you talk with HFS, please don’t hesitate to call Rich at 607.786.0010.

Pros & Cons Of Pool Loans

Pool Loan Pros

It helps you build and enjoy your pool now and pay later.

It confirms that you see your home, and a high-quality swimming pool, as an investment.

Helps evaluate budget and financing options.

Pool loans can be used to improve your existing swimming pool.

Companies like HFS are just as knowledgeable on today's and tomorrow's swimming pool trends as we are—including when you can get the best deals!

Pool Loan Cons

Pool financing can be expensive if you're interested in an inground pool.

Interest rates can range from 5% - 30% depending on factors that include the lender. HFS will work to get you the lowest rate.

If the cost of the loan far exceeds the value of your home.

Questions & Answers on Swimming Pool Loans

While we are huge advocates for HFS Financial, a pool loan is not for everybody. It doesn’t hurt to cover all of your bases.  You can speak with your bank or credit union about taking out a home improvement loan, adding the pool to your existing home loan, drawing against a home equity line of credit, financing with your savings account, taking out a home equity loan, or several other paths your local financial institution may recommend.  You can split the costs of the swimming pool by paying for the upfront costs with a credit card and financing the rest, or you can borrow against your 401(k)… but I personally wouldn’t recommend either of those routes. In addition to calling me and HFS Financial, I would highly recommend you speak with your financial or wealth advisor first, as well as learning about the added costs your location will have on your swimming pool.  You can find out the location specific information by contacting your town hall or home insurance representative.

Have a Question about Pool Financing?  Call Rich at 607-786-0010
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