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We asked our customers, “What do you love the most about your Crestwood Pool?” Hundreds responded. Here’s what they had to say.


Crestwood Customer Saves $20,000. Builds 2 Backyard Decks with Savings.

Watch the below video to see how a Crestwood Customer built a Dream Backyard for his family by using the money leftover from NOT installing an Expensive Inground Pool.

My 21' Round Crestwood Pool has been the perfect complement to my home landscape. When researching pool options for my family, I found myself looking for something in between a traditional above ground pool and an in-ground pool. For me, product quality/longevity and appearance were of utmost importance. A Crestwood Wood Pool is an attractive alternative to traditional above ground pools, and enhances (rather than detracts from) a home landscape. Rich at Crestwood Pools provided excellent support through the entire process, from initial pool selection and installation to post-install support. My family is looking forward to our 3rd summer season with the Crestwood Pool and remain 100% satisfied with the product, as well as the ongoing support from Crestwood Pools.

We purchased an 18' x 33' oval from Crestwood Pools. We could not be happier with our decision. The quality of the pool blows away the average above ground pools. This pool is strong enough to easily last a long time and it's comforting to know if we ever decide we don't want a pool anymore (like when the kids move out)... we take it down and sell it. Try that with an in-ground... Our Crestwood pool looks great and is very high quality. I easily give it 5 stars.

Very happy with our 18' round above ground pool. I have owned pools at three different homes over 35 years - this is the first above ground pool we've had - the two other pools were in-ground pools. I have found that servicing this pool myself, it is much easier than the in ground pools. Also supplies and repairs are considerably less money. And usually DIY projects instead of calling a pool guy. We moved into a house with a Crestwood pool so we didn't install it - I could tell it was a nice quality pool, it wasn't a low budget one. After a year the cover was getting cracked, it was several years old. I found the number for Crestwood in a box of pool stuff in the garage. I called to find out about a replacement cover, NOW - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!! I called and spoke with Rich about my pool cover we talked about the pool he remembered the guy I bought the house from and asked about the installation- there were some incomplete things, just minor trim stuff - but I found out about the trim! We spent 30 minutes on the phone! Hands down the single biggest reason i would by a Crestwood pool is the customer service. I got this guys # in my cell! He said call me anytime and i have! For filter info, for water treatment questions- I'm not nutty, we've probably talked one or twice in a year - but I'm saying whens the last time you bought something at Walmart and were able to call with questions? Of if you did call, got anyone who cared? That service is priceless! If you are considering buying a pool- buy a Crestwood pool, and talk to Rich. Get his # put it in your phone.

I cannot say enough great things about Crestwood Pools. We ordered our Crestwood Pool through one of the local pool companies in our area. Long story short, the guy we met with and designed our pool took our deposit and never ordered our pool. We got in touch with Crestwood Pools directly. The owner, Rich Vultaggio, spent countless hours with us, explaining the system, choosing our size and choosing our liner and stair set up. Needless to say, the local pool company no longer represents Crestwood Pools. Not knowing exactly what the installation consisted of, Rich actually took the time to come to our home for 4 days and help us install our gorgeous pool. Our pool is our little piece of heaven on earth. The look of the pressure treated wood looks beautiful. With the stair system, it is just like having an in-ground pool. We installed a deck along one side so it looks like an in-ground pool when you are on the deck. As for night swimming, it doesn't get any better. The fiber optic light system is gorgeous. The colors are rotating or if you want just one beautiful color, you can set it on that one color. We installed our pool in June, 2004. Our pool looks as great as it did the day we finished installing and filling it with water. In September, when we close the pool up (saddest day of the year) we unfold the cover, tuck in the ziplock edges and run the cord around the entire edge and impatiently wait for spring to come to reopen it. We had never had a pool before so we were not sure what the spring opening would consist of . We called Rich and he told us everything we needed to do. Within 24 hours the pool was treated and we were in it. Crestwood Pools is a very reputable company and we are so grateful we found them on line. Rich is a very honest and thorough businessman. We highly recommend Crestwood Pools, Inc.

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