Crestwood Pools Guarantee & Warranty

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Full 5 Year Guarantee, With Additional 25 Year Limited Warranty

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This Guarantee/Warranty is extended to the original purchaser (consumer) only.

Crestwood for 5 years from the date of purchase fully guarantees the wall components, cable assemblies, cable lugs, coping, wall foam and all hardware to be free from defects in material or workmanship.

If any defect in material or workmanship is confirmed by Crestwood within the guarantee or warranty period, the part(s) will be replaced free of charge for the first 5 seasons or for the appropriate prorated amount for the 6th - 30th seasons.

If a suspected factory defect is encountered, the purchaser must be willing to return the part(s) to Crestwood and for inspection, and must bear the expense of cleaning, packaging and shipping incurred with this requirement. Only after receiving prior written authorization from Crestwood may parts be returned to Crestwood for inspection and/or replacement. Parts returned to Crestwood must be accompanied by a proof of purchase date.

This Guarantee/ Warranty is void if the design of this product is in any way altered. This pool is designed to be installed as an above-ground pool. Burying any portion of the wall or other components below ground surface level voids all Guarantee/Warranty. Crestwood is in no way involved in or responsible for pool installation. Under no conditions will Crestwood be held liable for the cost of labor, water or chemical loss, or any damages that may thus occur. Pool installation must conform to all requirements as described in the installation manual included with all pool kits.

Crestwood sole and exclusive liability for defect in material or workmanship shall be limited to repair or replacement at Crestwood factory. Crestwood shall in no event be liable for cost of water/chemical replacement or any other cost incurred due to removal or reinstallation of defective parts or components.

Any damage caused by accident, consumer abuse and neglect, improper use of chemicals, skimmer, return, or any other component, improper installation, unauthorized alteration or repair, vandalism, ice or ground heaving and movement or any other acts of God, will void this Guarantee/Warranty.

Crestwood is not responsible or liable for any damage due to snow or ice formation leaning on or against pool wall, or any damage due to improper installation of winter cover.

To obtain performance under this Guarantee/Warranty, the purchaser should contact Crestwood.

Percentage of retail price at time of replacement to be paid by the original purchaser:

  • 1st – 5th Seasons 0%
  • 6th Season 20%
  • 7th Season 25%
  • 8th Season 30%
  • 9th Season 35%
  • 10th Season 40%
  • 11th Season 45%
  • 12th Season 50%
  • 13th Season 65%
  • 14th Season 60%
  • 15th Season 65%
  • 16th Season 70%
  • 17 Season 75%
  • 18th Season 80%
  • 19th Season 85%
  • 20th – 25th Seasons 90%
  • 26th – 30th Seasons 95%

A season ends December 31st of each calendar year. See separate warranty for liner and wood components. 

This warranty is made in lieu of any other Guarantee/Warranty or Warranties of any other kind whether expressed or implied or statutory, and except for the foregoing warranty which is exclusive, there is no expressed or implied warranties or merchantability or any other type.

To validate this warranty the registration card must be mailed within 10 days after the installation of the pool is completed.

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