Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Pools

Why it’s not the same as swimming in the ocean.

Salt Water Pools have grown in popularity the past ten years. Many customers believe they’re replacing the use of chlorine with salt to maintain their pool water, but that’s farthest from the truth—they’re just converting salt to chlorine.

Salt Water Pool owners simply add salt to their pool water, and a Salt Water Generator converts the salt to chlorine.

While the water will have a slight ocean flavor to it, the pool’s salinity is a very small fraction compared to that of the ocean.

We love educating our customers and other pool owners on swimming pools, so please find a helpful Pro’s and Con’s of Salt Water Pools list below.

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Pros & Cons Of Salt Water Pools

salt chlorine generator infographic

Salt Generators Pros

No more mixing, measuring or handling chlorine

System is automated, therefore no daily chore involved

Clearer, softer water

No chlorine smell

Gentler on skin and eyes

Fewer risks for allergies

Limits exposure to stored chlorine chemicals

Salt Generators Cons

Initial cost of installation, and the purchase of an electrolyzer, make salt water pool more expensive than traditional pools

Hard to tell if maintenance is past due or required because there isn't a clear sign, such as a noticeable smell or changing water appearance.

Basic pool maintenance takes longer than traditional pools.

Frequently elevated pH levels may require the purchase of a pH regulator

The liquid chlorine produced has a pH of 11.7 (proper range is 7.2 – 7.8), therefore constant use of pH down is required, otherwise pool is in a scaling mode.

Stabilizer must be added or pools chlorine will dissipate with sunlight

Salt may corrode pumps, heaters, ladders, and even the walls of steel pools (premature corrosion of pool or equipment is not covered under any manufacturer warranty)

Occasional use of algaecide, clarifier, stain and scale and shocking will still be necessary

System must be cleaned once a season or the system will scale up causing the cell to shut down.

Cell must be replaced every 2 – 4 years at a cost of $400 to $600 making it the most expensive sanitizer on the market.

More and more cities (i.e.: Toronto) are banning the backwashing or pumping of salt chlorinated water into the sewers or storm drains

If the system should run dry for any reason, the possibility exists that it might explode (manufacturers warning is in the directions)

Questions & Answers on Salt Water Swimming Pools

One of the most popular benefits of a salt water pool is the reduction in your household’s chemical footprint.  In place of storing chlorine and other chemicals in or around your home, salt water pool owners simply store bags of salt (solar, mechanically evaporated, or mined) that is used in combination with a Salt Chlorine Generator. Although the generator produces chlorine, the chlorine levels are much lower than chlorinated pools, which reduces the negative impact on your skin, hair, eyes, and overall health. Lastly, salt water pools require far less maintenance than chlorinated pools, and the water has been described as “silky smooth” and “more refreshing”.

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Another benefit of salt water pools is that your swim wear will last longer.  Chlorine has been found to fade swim wear and other clothing and gear over a period of time.  If you want a different perspective on salt water pools versus chlorinated pools, look no further than your local hotels and water parks who have been converting to salt water pools en masse.  Hotels, water parks, schools and other professional organizations that offer a swimming pool(s) to their customers have made the hefty investment due to the lifetime savings in man power and maintenance.

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