Pool Liners


20 mil Virgin Vinyl

Crestwood’s attractive tile border and full print beaded liners are true 20 mil virgin vinyl. Both floor and wall are the same 20 mil material (unlike others who may use a lighter guage for the floor ). The Catalina Tile / Vermilion Print is standard and all other patterns below are available as options at an upcharge. Colors can not be reproduced exactly from the original vinyl for presentation on the screen.
Why we use only non-embossed VIRGIN 20 mil vinyl.
Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. The illustration below shows how embossed vinyl measures the thickness of the material at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley which is the true thickness of the material. That is not an option for Crestwood liners. 
All of our  liner material is non-embossed which represents the true thickness.

Questions & Answers on Pool Liners

Replacing liners in an inground pool is far more expensive than a liner in an above ground pool, semi inground or onground pool.  The price difference can be as much as $3,500, further demonstrating the cost savings of going with a pool type other than inground.  If you spend anywhere near $1,600 on a replacement swimming pool liner, you should expect that liner to last 12 to 30+ years, depending on such factors as where you live and how well you maintain your chlorine levels.

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Pool liners vary in thickness. They’re measured in mils, or 1/1000 of an inch, and can range from 20 mils to 30 mils thick. You may think thicker is better, and you’d be right if you are concerned about occasional punctures caused by sharp nails, dog claws or other pool devices that come in contact with the liner. The reality is that it's the additional plasticizers, chemical resistant properties, and most importantly the virgin vinyl protection that sustains pool liners for 15+ years. No matter the thickness, be sure you line your pool with a virgin vinyl liner.

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