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Pool Water Maintenance

Benjamin Franklin and Your Pool Water

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin loved swimming?  He even invented one of the first pairs of swim fins and he is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame!

But what does this have to do with pool water?

With a slight tweak to one of Benjamin Franklin’s most renown quotes, it now reads, “In this world nothing is certain but death, taxes and pool water maintenance.”

With Crestwood Pools...it's Easy Keeping Your Swimming Pool Water Clean

AlgaeBacteriaDisgusting ContaminantsInvisible Organisms. For over 100 years, chlorine has been used to sanitize swimming pool water, and if you’re a current or former pool owner, you know how much work is involved.

Here at Crestwood Pools, we advocate health and safety not only for our environment, but for our bodies as well.

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There has been a growing popularity in our industry for the implementation of salt-chlorine generators. These systems are marketed by some manufacturers as an “alternative” to chlorine by way of the description “salt generator” to make consumers believe they are swimming in water that is equivalent to swimming in the ocean. NOTHING could be further from the truth. In reality, these systems do, in fact, generate CHLORINE.

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Pool Water


Swim In The Purest Mineral Water

It Pays To Change To Ionization. The Paybacks Are Real In Money, Time Savings, Better Health And The Pleasure Of Clean, Pure Water.


Keep Your Water Sparkling Clear

Testing Your Pool 2-3 Times A Week Is Important To Maintain Adequate Water Balance And Sanitizer Levels Plus To Ensure Swimmer Comfort.


Find The Right Balance Everytime

The Difference Between Chlorine And Bromine Is That Chlorine Combines With Bacteria Or Harmful Organics To Sanitize Your Swimming Pool.

Pool Water Care

Proper water maintenance is critical to how long your pool will last. Here are some pool water guidelines
that will help ensure the longest life possible for your investment.

Pool Water Maintenance Checklist

Make sure you keep your chemicals in the optimal range for each one. To learn more, visit our Chemical Balance page.

Keep filters clean and running correctly. Visit our Sand Filter Maintenance page, depending on your type of filter for info on how to keep these systems running smoothly.

Ensure there is proper drainage around the perimeter of the pool. Even though your Crestwood boards are treated, constant water contact over time will cause rot.

Be sure to use a water repellent stain on the exterior walls to ensure the boards do not “wick up” moisture. Painting, if desired, will also achieve this effect.

Questions & Answers on Pool Water

As you may already know from reading our blog posts, location has a lot to do with pool safety regulations, plumbing and electrical, pool installation. You can add ‘Filling Your Pool’ to the list of location based considerations. As you already know from watching the news, places like California and other drought-ridden-areas have very specific water regulations. Before you consider filling your pool with water, you’ll want to call your local township to discover any possible rules that you may need to follow. It’s not as easy as running a garden hose to your pool. If you’re permitted to run water from your home’s faucet to your pool, you water bill for that month may experience a $50 to $200 uptick depending on the size of your pool.  If you have a Water Truck deliver water for your pool, we’ve seen deliver charges anywhere from $375 to over $500.

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Chlorine is the most common chemical used to maintain water purity. Other pool owners choose to use salt with a salt chlorine generator, thereby adding a small fraction of salt to the water alongside a smaller amount of chlorine when compared to chlorinated swimming pools. Depending on your pool type, you may also be instructed to add cyanuric acid, bromine, and other chemicals.  There is a new trend to convert your traditional swimming pool to a Mineral Pool which uses an Ionizer to add microscopic ions to purify your swimming water, and there’s also a trend to build a Natural Pool, which adds natural elements like algae and other plant life to purify your swimming water.

No one wants to swim in cloudy water.  Chemical imbalances, water circulation conflicts, organic contaminants like algae, bacteria or dirt, and dozens of other geographic specific items can keep swimmers from entering your swimming pool.  There’s a checklist you can follow that includes, a) regularly scooping or vacuuming your pool, b) maintaining and cleaning your pump and filter, and c) regularly testing and balancing your chlorine or salt water pool. Another cause of cloudy water can be the presence of animals, pets and pests.  Reference our blog post on how to keep animals from entering your pool as a handy guide.

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