Above Ground Pool Decks


Crestwood Customer Saves $20,000. Builds 2 Backyard Decks with Savings.

Watch the below video to see how a Crestwood Customer built a Dream Backyard for his family by using the money leftover from NOT installing an Expensive Inground Pool.

2 Huge Benefits Of Above Ground Pool Decks

match the natural beauty of a Crestwood Pool with that of a Wooden Deck

Easier, Safer to Get In. Easier, Safer to Get Out.

Whether you use a ladder or steps to get in and out of your swimming pool, a wooden deck is a ladder’s or set of step’s best complement. Without a deck, most pool owners require two separate ladders, one outside of the pool, and another inside of the pool. With a deck, you’ll only need a ladder inside of the pool. Furthermore, nothing beats walking down your wooden deck and then easily walking down a set of steps inside of your pool. That’s luxury! Plus, several of our customers tell us that they like to sit on the steps and read or kibitz.

The Best Looking Backyard on the Block

Your backyard is one of your most used gathering spots for family and friends, so why not match the natural beauty of your backyard by complementing Wooden Crestwood Pool with a Wooden Deck?  Matching the stains is super easy, and forcing pool entry from the deck will help prevent excessive water from reaching your beautiful green grass and colorful landscaping.  Also, as most of us already know, installing pools and decks can either have a positive or negative impact on your home’s value However, Crestwood Pools customers who have matching pools and decks have not had that problem ( some of them have liked their matching pool and deck so much that they take it with them when they move—they’re easy to disassemble and reassemble).

6 Amazing Crestwood Customer
Pool & Deck Combos

call us to learn what we can build for you

Questions & Answers on Above Ground Pool Decks

Similar to the question, “What is the best above ground pool?“, this really depends on the size of your yard and swimming pool.  In our 30+ years of experience, wooden deck installation costs have varied based on a pool owner’s locale and its local ordinances and codes, the particular selection of wood, and whether or not the deck will connect to the pool owner’s home.  On average, we’ve seen installation costs range from $15 to $25 per square foot.

Like our Do-It-Yourself Swimming Pool—the EZ-DO Pool—above ground pool decks can be built by the home owner.  I can’t give you the step-by-step process on building a deck right here and right now, but I can help you with some tips that most deck and pool installers overlook during installation, that can cause you money in the future, and that can pose injury risks.  For instance, when a wooden deck is built around an above ground pool, you’ll want to make sure that the deck and rim of the pool are flushed, however, you’ll also want to keep the rim accessible for when you replace the liner in the distant future.  If you’d like to learn more, give me a call.

Have a Question about Swimming Pools?  Call Crestwood at 607-786-0010

It’s not as much a question of the size of our 7 round above ground pools, or even our 3 oval above ground pools, rather it’s a question about the size of your yard or lot, as well as any unique characteristics of your property, such as hills, cement patios or wooden decks.  If you call Rich at 607-786-0010 with the dimensions of your property, he’ll use his 50+ years of experience to determine which pool sizes are best for you.  One more thing to consider is the size of your average swimming party.  Whether you have kids or plenty of friends, or both, you’ll want to take that into consideration when choosing a pool size so swimmers aren’t too crowded.

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