Why The Perfect Pool Height is 4ft (5 Reasons)

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, there are a lot of variables to consider. You need to balance the size, composition and aesthetic of your outdoor space with what you want and need from your pool. You need to think not only about what will look great but what will keep you and your family safe in play or while exercising. About what will ensure easy pool maintenance and ensure that your pool is a fit for your purpose.

One such variable is the height / depth of your pool.

There is much debate among pool owners as to which is the perfect height for a household pool. Some will swear that 3 feet is all you need while some will swear that you need a height of at least 6 feet to get the most out of your pool. Well, we know a thing or two about pools. Heck, they’ve been our livelihood since the ‘60s. And our decades of experience have taught us that (as long as nobody in your family is training to be an olympic diver), 4 feet is the perfect height for your pool.

5 Reasons Why You Want a 4 Ft Pool

1. It's perfect for young kids

When you have young children, it’s understandable that you’d want to get them in the pool as early as possible. This can help to create an affinity with the water. As your children grow, their relationship with your pool will take on new dimensions. It will start off as a place where they can splash, paddle and have fun. In time, they will most likely want to invite friends over to play in the pool with them or throw pool parties to commemorate birthdays and other special occasions. As they get older they may want to swim on a competitive basis or as a means to stay fit and healthy.

Still, by keeping your pool height at 4ft, you’ll ensure that it is not too deep for them to approach even at a young age. Deeper pools, however, can be prohibitive to very young children as they may worry about sinking. A 4 ft pool can ensure that your child’s relationship with your pool gets off to the best possible start, yet is able to fulfil their changing needs as they get older.

2. It's just enough water to keep clean

It’s a popular myth that maintaining a pool is a lot of hard work. While it’s true that pool owners need to be diligent, owning a pool is far from a burden. That said, cleaning out detritus from a pool that’s 6-9 ft deep can be a challenge. A 4ft pool height, however, allows for just the right amount of water to keep the pool nice and easy to clean. You can see foreign objects at the bottom with greater clarity and fish them out easily.

3. It's just right for all kinds of swimming

The whole family will likely use the pool for different reasons. Your little ones will, at least in their younger years, use the pool predominantly for splashing and doggy paddle. As they grow up, however, they’ll become more proficient swimmers and want to use the pool to improve their fitness and endurance.

Likewise, you and your spouse may well use your pool as a crucial part of your health and fitness regimen.

The good news is that whatever kind of swimming you need to practice, a 4 ft pool height is more than adequate to meet your needs. Even large adults can immerse themselves completely at 4 feet and the depth allows for all kinds of different strokes.

If you’re worried about the length and breadth of your pool not being enough to get a great workout, we highly recommend Bow Swim. This is a sturdy and highly effective tool that will allow you to concentrate on improving your swimming without needing to spend so much time on turns if you have a more diminutive pool.

4. It's deep enough to absorb the force from jumping in

When jumping into your pool, it’s important to do so feet first. However, you still need a pool that’s deep enough to absorb the impact from child, teen and adult bodies alike. A 4 ft pool is sufficient to ensure that the whole family can jump in (not dive) safely.

5. It's a great height for all kinds of games

The pool’s not just for solo swimming. It’s a highly social place where the whole family, neighbors and friends can gather for all kinds of aquatic games. Whether you’re playing for fun, fitness or as part of a pool party, your pool height should be perfectly balanced to ensure that everyone gets to join in.

Here’s some of the more popular games:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • water aerobics
  • marco polo
  • water polo

The 4 ft pool is perfect for all kinds of fun water games. And because the water isn’t too deep, the whole family (however small) can join in the fun.

Let the games begin!

The perfect height for just about anything!

Again, with the exception of diving, a 4 ft pool height is safe and appropriate for just about any water-based activity for the whole family. A 4 ft pool is safe and easy to maintain and will serve you well for decades.

Final thoughts on pool height

Of course, while we believe that 4 ft is the optimal pool height, we are more than happy to create a custom liner that will allow you to go deeper if you prefer. You may want a pool that starts out at a 4 ft depth then slowly slopes to a dept of 5 or 6 ft. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a “Baja shelf” which drops sharply from the shallow to deep end.

Whatever your need when it comes to designing and installing your pool, we’re here to ensure that your pool is the perfect fit for your family. Want to know more about our services, facilities and events? Click Here to get in touch with us today.

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